If you have a yearning to learn more about angels
and their ever-increasing presence in our lives,
you are welcome to attend a workshop 
offering you boundless information
on how to work with angels in every aspect of your life,
thereby assisting you on your ascension path.

 The format:

  • Unless a specific date and venue is advertised for a workshop, you may wish to hold one in the comfort of your own home
  • Invite your friends and family to join you
  • Workshops may be arranged for groups of four or more
  • Workshops are held in the Johannesburg and surrounding areas only (if at your home), Pretoria included
  • Please contact me to make your booking or if you require further information.
  • For workshops currently on offer at my venue in Paulshof (Sandton area), see Current Workshops page. 

Workshops on offer:

 A Touch of Angels

  • What are angels?
  • Ways to ask your angels for help
  • How to recognise their signs
  • Angel hierarchy
  • The Archangels
  • Differences between guides and guardian angels
  • Meeting your own guardian angel

Time allocated for this workshop:
4 hours, including breaks.

All materials, and refreshments are included.

Cost: R500 per person

  Angel by my Side

  • What are angels?
  • Angel signs
  • Angel hierarchy
  • Meeting your guardian angel
  • Angelic protection
  • Communicating with your angel
  • Cutting negative cords and energy ties
  • Angelic healing, and healing balls
  • Manifesting in your life
  • Forgiveness – forgiveness of self and others, an opportunity to move forward

Time allocated for this workshop:
3.5 hours over two Saturday mornings

All materials, refreshments and lunch is included.

Cost: R900 per person


  • Explaining ascension and symptoms
  • Tools to assist my ascension process
  • Finding your mission
  • Cords and vows that bind us
  • Visualisation: cutting negative cords and ties
  • Visualisation: removing vows and curses
  • Karma
  • The Lords of Karma
  • The Golden Silver Violet Flame
  • The Mahatma Energy
  • Visualisation: the releasing of karma

Time allocated for this workshop:
7 hours, including breaks
All materials, refreshments and lunch is included.

Cost: R900 per person

Angel Oracle Card Readings

  • Introduction
  • You know that angels are near
    when …
  • The Four “Clairs”
  • How to do an angel reading

Time allocated for this workshop:
4 hours, including breaks.

Course content and refreshments included. You bring your own pack of angel oracle cards with to use on the workshop.

Cost: R500 per person

Tarot Card Readings - 
A beginner's / intermediate course to reading the tarot cards

The course includes learning various spreads, case studies, practise sessions, how to manifest with the cards, ethical and moral issues surrounding a reading, psychometry, working with the pendulum, colours, and the importance of numbers.

The course also includes tips and meditations showing you how to increase your intuition.

By the end of the course you will be able to give readings to others, and even work as a professional reader.

Time allocated for this course:
6 lessons - 3.5 hours every second Saturday.

Course content and refreshments provided. You use your own deck of Rider Waite tarot cards.

Cost: R2 000 per person.

Angel Oracle Card Workshop

Learn to read the angel oracle cards in three lessons. This course is for those who wish to develop or deepen their connection with the angels. It is also fun and intuitive.

  • Introduction
  • You know that angels are near when …
  • The Four “Clairs”
  • How to do an angel reading

This online workshop is divided into three easy steps. You will be given homework which is to be submitted before the next lesson is forwarded to you, receiving personal attention all the way.

Cost: R500 per person

Tarot Card Workshop
has been discontinued 




Magickal Moments workshops

How to empower yourself by using ancient means readily available to all.
According to occultist and author Aleister Crowley (1875 - 1947) magic is "the science or art of causing change to occur in conformity with Will". 

Magick is the art of manipulating energy, with harm to none, and many of you have done this all before without knowing that it is a form of magick. Whenever you've set a goal for yourself and have set out to achieve it, then you have indeed "caused change to occur in conformity with will." You have used the power of the mind to create the outcome. In essence, the Law of Cause and Effect.

In the courses below while I will assist you with opening up your intuition, I'll be sharing many magick tools too. There will be a lot of interaction and a great deal of fun! 

 Pendulum Workshop

  • Introduction and preparation
  • How to phrase your questions
  • How to find lost items
  • Using pendulum charts for all sorts of questions, including health issues

... and Crystal Magick

  • Choosing a crystal and its uses
  • Cleansing, storing, activating and programming a crystal
  • Protection of home using crystal grid
  • Space clearing and blessing of areas e.g. home, office, work space

Time allocated for this workshop:
4 hours, including breaks

Cost: R500 per person

Tibetan Numerology 

The code works on your birth date and reflects what your lessons are to be learnt in this lifetime. 

What are you battling with the most?  What arena are you faced with time and again?

Did you know that you made a decision in your previous lifetime to return this time to face what fears you most?

... and Fun with Numbers 

  • Life Path Number
  • Birthday vibration
  • Soul urge number (inner motivation)
  • Which personal year are you in?

Time allocated for this workshop:
4 hours, including breaks

Cost: R500 per person

Candle Magick

How to:

  • Prepare, cleanse and dress a candle
  • Use different coloured candles for different rituals
  • Do a protection magick ritual
  • Do various manifestation candle rituals
  • Read a candle

... and Tea Leaf readings 

How to have fun reading the tea leaves!

Time allocated for this workshop:
4 hours, including breaks

Cost: R500 per person

Rune Magick

  • Keywords and meanings of each rune
  • Read the runes with various layouts/spreads
  • How to use runes in manifestation rituals

Time allocated for this workshop:
3 hours, including breaks

Cost: R500 per person


 Please note: during spiritual workshops the partaking of alcohol is not allowed