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September 2018

Intuitive Astrology Forecast for September 2018 

September holds the vibration of number 9. In numerology, number 9 represents the completion phase before a new cycle begins, and that is exactly what September has in store for us all.

After many eclipses and retrogrades, September is our month to clean up and tidy up all the energetic baggage we have been dealing with. It is a month to get organized and to sort through all that has been removed and all that has been left behind.

It is a month to plan, a month to take inventory, and a month to think about what new actions we wish to take. In fact, motivation will be high in September with Mars and Mercury both moving direct and Saturn to follow on the 6th.

September is also a month to honor just how far you have come. Think of September as graduation month, a time where you can celebrate the lessons learnt and the journey you have traveled this year so far.

As mentioned, 2018 is really a stop and go type of year. It is a year to build and to consolidate, it is a year to move slowly and methodically and to think about what really gives meaning to your life. It is a year to get grounded and to find your stability and security.

September is going to continue to highlight this theme, especially with the 9/9 gateway and the New Moon in Virgo, which also happens to fall on the 9th.

The 9/9 gateway and the New Moon are going to help us to get grounded and will allow us to see things clearly. Together these energies are going to bring a lot of clarity and will help us to make sense of things that have been cloudy or uncertain.

This newfound clarity is going to allow us to feel awakened and more confident when it comes to the next phase of the cycle. This clarity is also going to be extremely healing, and will help us to tune into the wisdom of our mind, body, and soul.

From September 16th-18th, Uranus, the planet of innovation, rebellion, and change and Mars, the planet of motivation, action, and finding your inner warrior, finish off an intense dance they have been working on since May 2018.

This final activation of Uranus-Mars energy is going to help motivate and inspire us to take action. We may even see themes from earlier in the year reappear in order to be completed or finished off once and for all.

Mars and Uranus are a volatile combination, however since May they have provided us with a lot of growth and a lot of opportunities to tap into our authentic selves.

Uranus is all about being the individual and honoring our true authentic self. Instead of following the rules of society and our pre-programmed conditioning, Uranus encourages us to think differently and to honor what makes us unique.

Mars helps to add fuel to this, and motivates us to chart our own path. We don’t have to follow the tried and true. We don’t have to do things just because they are the norm or because we feel pressure from outside influences.

Instead we can follow the tune of our own drum and make our own music, and that is exactly what Uranus and Mars have been guiding us to do.

If we want to feel freedom, if we truly want to rise up, find our inner warrior and claim the life of our highest destiny, we have to listen to our authentic self and learn to follow the truth that is within our heart.

Following on the 22nd we have the Equinox and the starting of Autumn in the Northern Hemisphere, and Spring in the Southern Hemisphere. This change will bring a shift in energy that will be mirrored in nature.

Then on September 24th we have the Full Moon which falls in the fire sign of Aries. This potent Full Moon has a lot of strength behind it, and we are really going to be pushed by the Universe to take action.

Although most of 2018 has been sluggish, September offers the chance to make some leaps and to put plans into place that have been in the works for sometime.

Come October, we have Venus going retrograde which is going to offer a new energy to deal with, but for September, all we need to do is tune into our authentic self and we will have the map that will allow us to take action and forge ahead on our highest path.


Important Dates : 

September (based on South African time zone)

03  Half moon waning in Gemini
09  New moon in Virgo (20:01)
17  Half moon waxing in Sagittarius
23  Equinox
25  Full moon in Aries (04:52 

See also: Moon Phases


Angel Reading for September 2018

A Message
from Doreen Virtue's Mary, Queen of Angels Oracle Cards

It’s the start of a new season. Why not make a promise to yourself that you’ll take more time to tend to your inner child? When last did you take time out to do something that made you laugh? Where you let loose and roared with reckless abandon? Life can be so stressful and intense, that we forget we have an inner child that needs self-care and nurturing. We tend to lose ourselves in work and forget that our soul needs to rest. Our bodies need attention in order to survive a sometimes harsh world. Go on … make yourself a promise that at least every once in a while you’re going to switch off the phone and take that much needed rest. Do whatever brings joy to your heart!

Another aspect of nurturing ourselves is to let go of what no longer serves us. It can be harsh memories where we harbour unforgiveness towards others, or humiliation that we have suffered because of another. It’s time to clear out those negative thoughts. Release those resentments and allow your mind instead to flow freely, instilling it with new thoughts – where you envisage yourself in a place surrounded by whatever makes YOU happy! 

Be patient with yourself while you undergo any transition in life. Things very seldom happen overnight. New ways need to be learnt and the mind needs to be trained to let go of old. The same goes for time as we know it. When we’re waiting for something to happen, it can seem like an eternity. Here’s a trick while waiting for that Divine intervention. Each day see as a new day, bringing yourself into the present moment. Express your gratitude for things in your life, those that you already have, and for the things yet unseen (as though they have already appeared). By doing this, you also release any fears that you hold of things not / happening in the future. Slowly but surely, you’ll come to realise that this also raises your vibration and aligns you perfectly to what your desires are. God … in his perfect timing … preparing you.

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